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S.N. Zeynep Tözüm, MA, PCC

Having majored in Economics, Zeynep joined the field of marketing in Unilever in 1986 as a fresh M.A graduate and savored foods-marketing for the next 14 years. In 1999, her career track took a wild turn: Zeynep first joined a restructuring project for Unilever Turkey, and then led a cost optimization project for Central Eastern Europe. Those two assignments unexpectedly altered her world view and Zeynep came to realize that raising performance for growth moves her more than downsizing businesses: she discovered that she had more than just the business acumen and analytical skills that she had relied on for so long.Following an intensive senior leadership-training program, which set her on a new quest for self-discovery, performance development and organizational transformation became a professional pursuit. Having worked as Change Manager for two years, Zeynep moved to Unilever Corporate HR offices in 2002, as VP, Performance Development. This was a wonderfully fulfilling and stretching role, which added massively to her

leadership experience as she spent 4 years working with Unilever businesses around the world. As an organizational development consultant, work took her, to a successful Latin American business striving for higher growth (2002), to a German business which was looking for a sustainable win (2003), to a French company reenergizing its business to get on a higher performance track and she contributed to the significant improvement of business results in these companies.

Since 2001, Zeynep also worked as an executive performance coach with executives and many teams around the world.

In early 2006, Zeynep founded FARBEYOND, a business in the area of organizational transformation, reinforcing the link between personal growth, performance development and business growth. Her practice now extends her work and experience into the larger corporate world.

Zeynep leads the projects at FARBEYOND as an organizational development consultant. She is also a Professional Certified Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation /USA. In that capacity, she works as an executive performance coach for business executives and teams.

She calls herself a genuine Turk and a worldly citizen, with a cultural diversity nurtured by her country as well as by her education and work over a wide geography.

Zeynep says people, results, impact, learning, curiosity and action are central to her life. Courage is what she most wants to contribute to the world and she sees no limits to human development, other than lack of clear purpose, lack of commitment, and our limiting beliefs.

Education and Training

  • MA in Economics, June 1985
    Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey
  • BA in Economics, June 1983
    Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Notre Dame de Sion French High School, Istanbul, Turkey (1972-1979)

    Zeynep attended following programs to enhance her self-development and coaching practice:

  • Leading Change and Organizational Renewal; Harvard Business School, Executive Education Program
    USA-May 2000
  • Performance Coaching Workshop by Kelly Poulos from Asia Works and Janet Jones from Momentis
  • More-to-Life Weekend; Life Training Program
  • 7 Days of Creation by Dr. K. Bradford Brown and Pascale Asher; Life Training Program
  • Gestalt Experience Workshop; Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
  • Tolbert’s Leadership Development Profile; Certification Program for consultants coaches and change Agents/HARTHILL
  • Gestalt Coaching: Enhancing Your Competency Workshop; Gestalt Institute of Cleveland-OSD Integrative Study Center
  • Coaching Across Cultures; Rosinski & Company
  • International Gestalt Coaching Program; Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
    USA- Sept 2006- March 2007
  • Group Intensive; Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
    USA- Feb 2007-May 2007
  • Becoming a Better Intervener; Gestalt Center for Organization & Sytems Development
    USA- Oct 19-21, 2007
  • Applying the Cape Cod Model in Organizations; Gestalt International Study Center
    USA- Oct 28- Nov 2, 2007
  • Executive Personality Dynamics, Gestalt International Study Center
    USA- July 20-24, 2008