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Our Conviction

We believe that:

  • Business strategies can only be realised through carefully designed "people strategies".

  • At the hard end of performance, results are largely determined by beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that shape the quality of dialogues, decisions and choices.

  • Sytems and structures are just enablers and do not guarantee results: shifts in attitudes and skills, will.

  • Individual transformation lies at the heart of organizational transformation.

  • Human potential is endless when it aspires to go beyond its existing limitations.

  • Without a tension between what is so and what is desired, no significant movement will happen.

  • People can share their true thoughts and feelings only when they feel respected and safe.

  • "Taking charge" and "supporting each other's growth" are the key ingredients of a winning team.

  • We think we have done a good job when we have contributed to create a work place where:

      • people choose to work and to deliver
      • mediocrity is challenged
      • people see business targets as exciting opportunities rather than a set of obligations
      • the leadership team "leads" rather than just manages or controls
      • business targets are hit time after time: "responsibility" prevails.



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