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      Our Code of Practice


All FARBEYOND CONSULTING project team members, consultants and coaches comply with the following code of professional conduct:

We believe that:

  • We honor, support and respect the purpose, potential and dignity of every individual
  • We will mutually establish with our clients challenging but realistic expectations of the benefits and results of our services.
  • We will, before accepting any engagement, ensure that we have worked with our clients to establish a mutual understanding of the objectives, scope, work plan and fee arrangements.
  • We treat our colleagues, competitors and our profession with respect.
  • As organizational consultants, our client is the leader of the organization who hired us. As coaches, our client is the person with whom we work as his/ her coach.
  • All information we get from our clients and their names are and will remain confidential unless we are authorized by the client to use them.
  • We will offer to withdraw from a consulting/ coaching assignment when we believe our integrity may be impaired.
  • We construct and agree a written project or coaching contract with our clients and make sure that prior to our initial session, our clients understands our approach, the bounds of confidentiality, financial agreements and all other terms of the agreement.
  • We respect our client's right to terminate our contract at any point during the process. Should we ever lose our commitment to our client or see indications that our client is no longer benefiting from our partnership, we will inform our client and exercise our right to terminate the contract.
  • We will under no circumstances take advantage of our client personally, socially, sexually or financially.
  • We are attentive to our limitations and boundaries and only provide services that we are qualified by training and/or experience.
  • We will suggest that our client seek services of other experts and resources whenever we see the need and will involve them ourselves only with written approval from our client.

All FARBEYOND CONSULTANTS and coaches comply with

the International Coach Federation code of Ethics.










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